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Air Conditioning

Chelsea Autoworx has all the necessary equipment and know-how in order to maintain your air conditioning system at peak efficiency.

An automotive air conditioning system will gradually lose refrigerant over a period of time thus reducing its ability to suitably cool the vehicle interior in times of high ambient temperatures. The refrigerant is naturally lost as the gas permeates from various joints and seals between the system components. A gas evacuation and re-gas on a regular basis will ensure that the system is always fully gassed and therefore capable of maximum cooling performance.

Regular servicing of an air conditioning system should be carried out in order to firstly maintain its cooling capability and secondly to ensure that the air we breathe inside the vehicle is clean and low in bacteria content. Bacteria build up inside the evaporator unit and therefore it is important to regularly deodorise and sanitise this unit which is situated inside the vehicle.

An air conditioning re-gas and service inspection starts from £150+VAT

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